Black Friday came and went, with shoppers setting an all-time record of $11.4 billion in spending. Cyber Monday, rather Cyber Week, deals have ended at most major retailers after another record-breaking day of shopping.

But if you didn't divulge in the sales, perhaps to stay away from the utter chaos of frenzied shoppers, you're probably a bit frenzied yourself. With the holidays less than three weeks away, don't panic if you haven't gotten gifts for everyone on your list; there is still much time to play Santa Claus.

Here is a holiday gift guide, with the hottest gifts of 2011 for everyone on your list.


She may have given you the gift of life, but don't be overwhelmed when looking for a gift for Mom for the holidays. Think back to the days when you glued a bunch of Cheerios on construction paper and called it a gift; your mother will be happy with anything you give her.

However, if you're looking to dazzle mom this year, consider a flowers of the month club. ProFlowers has a package that delivers fresh flowers for the empty vase or goodies right to the door.

If you'd rather keep it simple or are on a budget, think frugal and sentimental. You can get a photo printed on almost anything nowadays, so maybe a nice mug with your mugs on it when she drinks her morning coffee or an ornament for the family tree.




It's no coincidence that Dad and difficult start with the same letter. But don't stress in finding a gift for your old man.

If he is young at heart, and a gamer, you can try getting your dad a game for his Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. The most popular games this year are Batman: Arkham City and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

If your dad is not a gamer, but still electronically savvy, try getting him a wireless charging system to power up all of his devices.

Also, a good shaving kit can work instead. The Art of Shaving has killer gift sets at Sephora for any budget, ranging from $10 up to $100.


call of duty

Significant Other

For that special person in your life, you obviously want a special gift. Surely you know the person well enough to find a niche-oriented personal gift for the person. But in case your loved one has it all or you're lacking ideas, why not take a vacation together?

Jetsetter, part of the Gilt Group, has tons of member-only special packages for destinations including exotic getaways to Thailand or snowy trips to Switzerland to even domestic locations like Florida.

You can easily sign up to be a part of Jetsetter and Gilt at their Web site. With this as a gift, it's a gift for you, too.




Sometimes, in-laws need more impressing than our significant others do. However, you may not know what to get the parents of your wife or husband, as most of us limit contact with the dreaded in-laws strictly to holidays and family gatherings.

Fret not, everyone loves to eat, so consider a gift card or certificate to a yummy restaurant in their hometown. However, if you're out of ideas, maybe a wine of the month or a steak of the month club gift certificate is best. That way, they can choose their own gift.




If you're considering giving your boss a gift for the holidays, keep it simple. The last thing you want to do is look like you're brown-nosing, as they say. Cash, jewelry, liquor and personal items are strictly forbidden. Also, expensive luxury items are prohibited as well.

When shopping for your boss, think about your office culture. If it's a sales environment, a gift would be expected, as business gifts are frequently exchanged. If the office is having a grab bag or Secret Santa, then you don't need a gift in the first place. If you have a close relationship with your boss, then consider a small trinket, like a fashionable pen, and a nice card. If you have more than one boss, consider small gifts like a box of chocolates from Godiva.




They've always given you the best gifts growing up, so why not return the favor?

Since your grandparent is likely retired, maybe a comfy pair of pajamas would suit them well. Countless retailers, like Walmart and Target, offer excellent deals on pajamas, from wool to silk to soft cotton.

However, if you're looking to dazzle grandma and grandpa, bring them into 2012 with a tablet. The Amazon Kindle Fire functions as both a tablet computer and an e-reader device.

Plus, as an added bonus, you can should them how to record a priceless video, like that infamous viral video, Web Cam 101 for Seniors.


kindle fire


The best part of having friends is sharing time together. So why not use your holiday gift to do just that? Ticketmaster offers loads of deals on concerts, Broadway shows and sporting events ranging from $25 to $250.

Even better, if you've purchased tickets from Ticketmaster in the past 12 years, you are entitled for a refund that you can put towards future purchases.




Since babies cannot figure out where their nose is, let alone open a present, consider a long term gift for a baby, since the little boy or girl's parents most likely went overboard holiday shopping for their little one.

Instead, chip in some money towards the inevitable college education bill the future grad will rack up complemented by a small gift: like a personalized story book with the baby's name or a funky rattle.




Children are hard to buy for, as most of them make very specific lists for Santa each year in November. Consider a neat accessory for a tech device they already have (because you know every child in Kindergarten has an iPhone nowadays).

Perhaps some gummy bear inspired headphones or an iPhone case with bunny ears and a tail will have the other kids at the playground wishing they had such a hip secret Santa.


iPhone case