Hollywood couple Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have reportedly discussed taking their relationship to the next step. The two artists are said to have moved in together and have talked about the possibility of becoming engaged one day.

A source exclusively told E!News that Swift and Harris are staying together in one roof while the “Bad Blood” singer’s new home is undergoing some work.  The source said, “Now that her tour is over, they are living together at his house in Beverly Hills while she is having some work done on her new home.”

The source also shared with E!News that Swift and Harris have discussed their future and the possibility of taking the huge step in their relationship. "They are definitely talking about their future together and the possibility of one day getting engaged,” the source stated. “Making it work, despite their huge demanding schedules, and her tour, has proved to both of them that this is something that is serious and that could last. It's really cemented their commitment to one another."

The news of the pop singer and her boyfriend moving in together may have excited many fans, however, Swift’s representative told People magazine that it wasn’t true. The singer’s spokesperson said that the two are “absolutely not living together.”

Meanwhile, Swift recently wrapped up her 1986 concert tour and was able to spend an enjoyable holiday with her family and Harris. The Hollywood couple spent the Christmas holiday with Swift’s family in Vail, Colorado, according to People magazine. The two even shared some of the photos on social media during the holidays. Harris and Swift, along with the singer’s brother Austin, even built a tall snowman together.

Swift also attended her boyfriend’s New Year’s DJ gig at Caesars Palace’s Omnia nightclub in Las Vegas. The multi-awarded singer also partied with friend Ruby Rose while Harris commanded the club’s DJ station, Us Weekly reported.

Rose even shared a short clip of their New Year’s eve celebration on Instagram. She captioned the video, “When @taylorswift looks perfect in a feather tiara and I look wrong.. But HAPPY 2016!!!!”