“Homeland” is set to return for Season 4 with its first two episodes on Oct. 5. After an underwhelmingly received Season 3, Showtime has released a brand-new trailer that is packed with spoilers and cliffhangers for the upcoming season.

The promo for Season 4 centers around an apparent drone strike that went wrong at the cost of civilian casualties. In the wake of the tragic error, Carrie seems to be dead set on returning to the Middle East, specifically Afghanistan, to find out exactly what went wrong -- but will she leave her baby behind to go on the dangerous trip? The promo seems to suggest that she will, where among other things, she will team back up with Saul as she investigates the incident. It also seems that she will take a special interest in a young Afghan boy whose family may have been victims in the erroneous drone strike. Fans may be getting more excitement out of Season 4 than they originally thought.

Watch the new promo for Season 4 here below:

"Homeland" viewers will remember that Season 3 saw the conclusion of Carrie’s time in Iran with Brody. Carrie and Brody successfully assassinated Danesh Akbari, but after the C.I.A. gave up their location in an effort to better the standing of a C.I.A. asset in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Carrie had to watch helplessly as Brody was executed. Carrie returned to America carrying Brody’s child with a promise from Lockhart that she could take over as Station Chief in Turkey after taking maternity leave.

As Carrie returns to the Middle East, “Homeland” is hoping for a return of its own to the good graces of both fans and critics. After the first two seasons brought the show Emmy wins, including the award for Outstanding Drama Series, critical acclaim and popularity, the third season was met with mediocre reviews. If the promo is any indication, “Homeland” Season 4 may be gearing up for a comeback. The new episodes begin the two-episode premiere on Oct. 5 on Showtime.

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