Horsemaning, or fake beheading, is ruling the list of popular Internet trends like planking, owling and leisure diving. Horsemaning and leisure diving and immensely popular now, but which would you pick if you have to choose one?

Horsemaning is a technique that involves posing two people so that they appear to be a single body with a detached head -- and it is a revival of a photography fad popular in the 1920s.

It is presumably named after the legendary Headless Horseman, an evil character from Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Horsemaning is currently experiencing a revival and has become a Facebook sensation like planking, owling or cone-ing.

Horsemaning, if done correctly, produces a brilliant optical illusion and allows for more creativity than other photo-posing fads like planking. Also, while planking and owling are solo games, horsemaning encourages social interaction as it requires a partner.

On the other hand, Leisure Diving is a jump into a body of water (or at least something soft), striking a 'leisure pose' in mid-air. When summer is there, chilling out in mid-air seems to have driven the attention.

A photographer captures the moment when the diver has reached peak height above water, when his or her hips are parallel to the waterline. If successful, the result is an airborne Corona commercial,” the website Leisure Dive said.

The ideal position is achieved with a diving board, giving swimmers enough height to get their hips parallel to the waterline, according to the Daily Mail. The favourite pose is to lie expressionless with a straight body, hands by the side and toes pointing towards the ground.

Take a glimpse of the horsemaning and leisure diving photos and say what is your pick: