This week's Bookseller Pick at is steamy and exciting. 'Deadly Sins' is a fun guilty pleasure book. The plot follows a young man named Logan Callahan who struggles to bury the difficulties of his past. As a witness to a crime he is barley able to function without reliving the events of a single day that caused him anguish. Logan finds solace in the presence of a mysterious woman named Sky O'Brien. She to has something to hide but attempts to live a carefree existence and embrace her time with Logan. The two begin to feel a strong attraction for one another but struggle to act on such. 

Romance and erotica is becoming more and more popular by the minute as kindle sales rise and this fun story is a perfect representation of the popular genre. The book is filled with sexy love scenes, proclamations of lust, and a rich storyline. Written by Lora Leigh, who penned such bestselling works as 'Legally Hot' and 'Midnight Sins', the intriguing story is a great read! 

The book is the first of a new series and the first couple of chapters may be read at Heroes and Heartbreakers.