A 23-foot long ‘Wienermobile’ in the shape of an Oscar Mayer hot dog crashed into a Wisconsin home on Friday creating a sound which one 11-year old witness described as a gunshot, although no injuries were reported, according to a report.

“I thought they were selling (hot dogs),” neighborhood resident Zachary Nielsen, 11, of Mount Pleasant told the Journal Times. “I ran down here with money in my pocket.”

The driver, an unidentified young woman, was a first year Wienermobile driver, an Oscar Mayer spokesperson said, according to the report.

Citing Nielsen’s conversations with the driver and another young woman accompanying her, as well as a company account, the report said the pair was headed to make an appearance with the vehicle when it took a wrong turn into a dead end street and turned into the last driveway to turn around.

One got out to help while the other drove, however the transmission was in a forward gear, not in reverse as the driver thought, according to the report.

“One was almost starting to cry,” Nielsen said. “She was getting emotional.”

A spokesman for Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayers said the company was working with the local authorities and insurance companies to fix damage to the home, apologizing for inconvenience to the home owner.