“How To Get Away With Murder” Season 1 won’t be the end of Professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis). According to Davis’ Facebook, she is already planning to return for Season 2. The SAG Award-winning actress made a post about Season 2 after she wrapped filming on the Season 1 finale.

“Just wrapped filming season one and onto SEASON 2 BABY!!!!!” the actress wrote. She posted the message to Facebook along with a picture of the cast. She also posted a separate tweet with a similar message:

While ABC hasn’t announced an official renewal, the return of “How To Get Away With Murder” was never really questioned. With solid ratings, social media buzz, critical acclaim and award nominations, a renewal seems like a no-brainer. While Viola Davis clearly seems onboard for Season 2, it isn’t clear if the other cast members will return. That’s largely dependent on if they do, in fact, get away with Sam’s (Tom Verica) murder.

The green light for Season 2 also means that the writers can feel free to give viewers a cliffhanger in the season finale. However, executive producer Pete Nowalk assured audiences that he would tie up most storylines. “We already got the answer of who killed Sam — and we will learn who killed Lila, as well. I really like tying up a storyline with a bow; I like getting answers,” Nowalk explained to TV Line. “That was very important for the writers and I — making sure we answer a lot of loose ends. Obviously, some will extend into Season 2, but it’s our goal as writers to create new things. We wanted to make sure we weren’t spinning our wheels too much, and that’s what’s been awesome about a shorter season — 15 episodes — we get to answer the questions and move on.”

Hopefully, those answers will start to appear in the midseason premiere. The show returns on Jan. 29 and will pick up the morning after Sam’s murder.

The midseason premiere of “How To Get Away With Murder” airs Thursday, Jan. 29 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. Do you hope to see the entire original cast next season or do you want to see Annalise with a new class? Sound off in the comments section below!