Jacob Whitesides just rocked "Today," leaving fans watching at home wanting more. 

Whitesides, the 18-year-old singer from Tennessee who first gained popularity on the "X Factor" in 2012, performed on "Today," formerly "The Today Show," Wednesday morning to promote his debut studio album, "Why?" The performance was a hit, with the hashtag #jacobontodayshow trending across the U.S. on Twitter. Fans impressed by the performance can still grab tickets to catch Whitesides on tour this fall. 

Starting on Sep. 22, Whitesides will launch a fall tour with fellow Tennessee singer/songwriter Ben Rector. The pair will hit over 15 U.S. cities throughout October, starting in Charlottesville, Virginia, and finishing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A European leg of the tour will kick off in February 2017. The tour will stretch across the East coast and Midwest, but West coast Whitesides fans will have to be patient for now. Tickets for the tour are still available and links for the shows can be found on Whitesides' website here. Tickets start at $25.00. 

If tickets sell out, which is likely, fans can still buy them through another vendor. Browse resale tickets on a third-party site like StubHub or search Craigslist for fans looking to unload extra tickets. But be wary of scalpers with marked up prices and make sure you're spending your money wisely by looking on Facebook fan groups for tickets, prioritizing physical tickets over PDFs and negotiating prices, according to Showbams.com.

Whitesides performance on "Today" Wednesday was trending on Twitter in part because, well, he asked fans to make it happen. A couple hours before the appearance, Whitesides tweeted out the hashtag and asked his fans to make it go viral. They came through for him. 

Whitesides' played his single "Lovesick." He also opened up about why it was important to him to form his own record label. 

"It's not only the creative decisions, like the art and the music, which is obviously the most important thing, but also little things like ticket prices," Whitesides said. "I remember not having a lot of money as a kid and I know my fans are struggling as well. So, it's nice to be able to be a part of those small things."