It's perhaps the greatest automotive race of all time: 24 Heures du Mans (The 24 Hours of Le Mans) on the Circuit de la Sarthe outside of Le Mans, France. Also known as the Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the oldest race in motorsport and has been held annually since 1923.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans 2012 will be of particular interest to endurance racing enthusiasts because of the presence of the potentially groundbreaking Nissan DeltaWing racing in the experimental class. The radical design of the DeltaWing could revolutionize motorsport, but only if it's successful at Le Mans.

To watch Le Mans live-streaming online, there are plenty of options. The best, however, is probably the official Le Mans Web-TV service. Le Mans-TV provides live timing and standings for all of the competing cars and teams, live cockpit cameras for cars from Corvette, Audi, Toyota, Nissan, Greaves Motorsport, Nissan DeltaWing and JRM, and the ability to filter and stream live text updates for various teams. You can pick the channels based on team, and you can get various cockpit, trackside and pit views of the particular car you are following. The channels even have occasional commentary on the action.

The one disappointment about the official Le Mans online live-streaming is that the DeltaWing channel appears to be limited to a pit view, which is great when it's in the pit, but is way less interesting the rest of the time.

Alternatively, if you want a less complete, more corporate feel to your Le Mans live-streaming, you can go to SpeedTV's website where they are streaming a cockpit camera from one, lowly Corvette at the race. SpeedTV would really prefer you watch their cable coverage of the race, and consequently, the web coverage is slim pickings.

To watch official 24 Hours of Le Mans live-streaming online video of the race, click here.

For SpeedTV's coverage of the #73 and #74 Corvette teams, click here.