In the spirit of all things spooky and scary, reality TV producers have kicked things up a notch this year. A live exorcism has been scheduled to occur Friday -- the eve of Halloween -- on the St. Louis house that inspired the “The Exorcist” book and movie, the Washington Post reported Thursday.

“Exorcism: Live!” is scheduled to air from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. EDT Friday on Discovery Communications’ channel Destination America. For two hours, a psychic, a clergyman and a team that works for the network's “Ghost Asylum” series are expected to venture into the house. Cameras will be rolling the whole time.

For years, ghost hunters have insisted the house is filled with a dark energy. The St. Louis home is reportedly the site where an exorcism was performed on a teenage boy in the 1940s. The boy, Roland Doe, had become violently ill and had begun screaming in languages he had never been taught, leading religious leaders to believe that he was possessed. A Catholic priest was believed to be able to free Doe from the demons through exorcism rituals. Since the exorcism was performed on the second floor of the house, the building has been believed to possess an evil entity.


“The worst-case scenario is that one of these entities will attach to someone,” said Jodi Tovay, who developed the show, the Washington Post reported. “It is dangerous.”

Bishop James Long, the founder of Kentucky's Paranormal Clergy Institute, which assists homeowners who think their house has a demonic infiltration, is expected to accompany the crew Friday to keep everyone safe and perform a minor rite of exorcism.

“Everybody will be signing a waiver, and they know the activity could be very violent -- there’s no guarantee about safety,” Long said, the Washington Post reported. “I can’t guarantee anyone’s safety when I walk into this place. [We’re] going against a demonic entity.”

Six cameras are expected to be set up around the house, and viewers will be able to live-stream the footage from the comfort of their homes here.