The nation tuned in to CBS Tuesday evening as it live streamed news about the Christopher Dorner shootout in California.

There has been a huge manhunt for the ex-LAPD officer since he allegedly shot and killed two civilians and a police officer last week, the Associated Press has reported. 

On Tuesday in the Big Bear area, a man who is believed to be Dorner was holed up in a mountain cabin and exchanged gunfire with lawmen, wounding two deputies.

It wasn’t long before CBS was pranked by a guy who claimed to be “Mike Taugher” from the U.S. Fish and Game Commission. The station lucked out with the worst thing the prankster said being “dumbass,” an approved word by the FCC ‘s standards.

The caller eventually wound up referencing Ronnie the Limo Driver, Howard Stern’s head of security.

“Taugher” said the U.S. Fish and Game Commission reported the initial citing of Dorner.

“We called law enforcement and it was confirmed that there was gunfire,” he said.

“We believe it was Ronnie the Limo Driver firing at Mr. Dorner and we believe that he hit him.”

“You say Ronnie the Limo Driver?”

“Yes ma’am. Ronnie the Limo Driver.”

“He was on his way to a block party…”

The CBS news anchor continued to question “Taugher” when he eventually burst out:

“You’re a real dumbass. You still don’t know this is a prank?”

The reporter cut off the exchange, saying, “Okay, apparently some people taking advantage of live television on a very serious day here in Los Angeles where a gun battle is unfolding in the search for Christopher Dorner. Keep in mind that these reports are coming in live.”

That was all needed to make “Howard Stern” a trending topic in the Twitterverse

@richarddeitsch wrote, “CBS's Los Angeles station just got seriously pranked by someone dropping Howard Stern lingo.”

@SirJustinFromVA laughed, “oh my god i want howard stern people to call into this live manhunt so bad right now and prank.”

@TheSteamer shared, “Not sure what’s worse, a screener getting fooled by a prankster or someone still doing Howard Stern phony phone calls. #TossUp.”

The city of Los Angeles is offering a $1.1 million reward for any information that can lead to Dorner's arrest and conviction—the largest reward that has ever been offered in the city’s history.

Check out the audio from the prank below: