The town of Chongiu, not only is it the center of Korea but it has also become the center of media attention as it is home to the humanoid carp living in a small pond.

The two fish are believed to be of hybrid descendants of two carp species – the carp and the leather carp, also known as a tangerine fish, the Telegraph reported.

The fish appear to have distinctive human features with nose eyes and lips resembling humans.

Both fish are females and more than three feet long.

The fish live in a pond behind the home of a 64-year old South Korean man and have been there since 1986 although their looks are only just starting to attract attention.

My fish have been getting more and more human for the past couple of years, the owner said, the Telegraph reported.

He added that he knows of other fish with similar features, and as they are both females it will be impossible for them to breed and have fish-faced offspring.