As the Hunger Games trailer sweeps the web, movie producers and cosmetics company China Glaze seem to be banking on fans of Katniss Everdeen to help sell a new line of nail polish inspired by the series and its characters.

Following an unconfirmed leak, numerous web sites have reported China Glaze prepping a series of nail colors to honor the upcoming film. The Hunger Games Collection follows in the footsteps of movies like Pirates of the Caribbean with OPI and even Footloose with Deborah Lippmann, both of which launched nail colors to boost tickets sales for their films.

China Glaze's collection, if it exists, will premiere in February 2012, but the company has allegedly released the nail colors already, and the sales plot looks to be a great success.

Playing it smart, the company chose a variety of colors organized into three themes: opaque, one-note tones to evoke District 12, where Peeta, Katniss and Gale start out, glittery eye-catching hues for the Capital, where the tributes or fighters compete in eponymous games, and subtle, multi-toned shades for the characters themselves.

Beyond the balance of the collection however, the true genius of the upcoming nail polish set are the names. A lot of thought went into the inspiration for the Hunger Games beauty collection, and names like Coal Hearted for a pearly dark grey hue and We Could Runaway for a gorgeous metallic green practically beg those wearing the polish to explain what their color represents. With the Hunger Games trailer doing phenomenally so far, this nail polish set is sure to fly off the shelves come 2012.

Here's a rundown of the twelve shades in The Hunger Games Collection. Be sure to check out the color tablet China Glaze recently released to match each nail color's name with its signature colors.

1. Primrose: Rose-red, with hints of light brown and some purple. Inspired by Prime.

2. Rebel: Deep, dark brown. Inspired by Gale.

3. Catnip: Metallic silver. Inspired by Katniss.

4. Coal Hearted: Pearly silver-grey. Inspired by District 12.

5. Joined at the Seam: Speckle-filled silver and black. Inspired by a poor section of District 12 called The Seam.

6. Fight to the Finish: Black with small specks of silver. Inspired by the night sky the tributes look into.

7. We Could Runaway: Dark green between peridot and forest with gold metallic underlay. Inspired by the forest Katniss and Gale hunt in.

8. Baker's Son: Rich, chocolatey brown. Inspired by Peeta.

9. Cinna-mon: Metallic orange-gold. Inspired by Cinna's gold eyeliner.

10. Fire in Flight: Speckled, fiery orange-red. Inspired by the Flaming Mockingjay.

11. Heat of the Moment: Bright reddish gold glitter. Inspired by the costumes Katniss and Peeta wear to the Arena.

12. Flaming Gems (Over lay): Light blue glaze with pastel confetti glitter. Inspired by Katniss' interview dress.

What do you think of the nail colors for The Hunger Games Collection? What would you have added, and what would your inspiration have been? Let us know in the comments!