The dollar is strong and prices in Europe are down -- which means that Americans are flocking there in record numbers this summer. And with so many ways to criss-cross the Continent, it can be confusing to figure out whether it’s cheaper to jump on a budget airline, get a rail pass or find a bus route. Enter GoEuro, a new website and app that puts rail, air and bus transportation options all in one search, so you can easily compare which options are the most time- and cost-effective. GoEuro is connected with 150 rail and bus companies in seven countries and claims to serve some 30,000 locations.


Available on: Android, iOS

Cost: Free

Want to get from London to Paris? Or go from a small village in Switzerland to a bigger city? Just put in your destination and search for transportation options throughout the U.K. and continental Europe with GoEuro. Both the site and mobile app display the time and cost for each trip by plane, train or bus.

What makes the tool so handy is that you can sort the options by what’s most important to you: Do you want the cheapest way to get there, regardless of how long it takes? Or do you want to minimize travel time? You can make comparisons quickly and easily without having to search multiple websites. The app even factors in time traveling to and from the airport and wait times, so you can get an accurate comparison of the time involved.

When you’re ready to book the mode of transportation you choose, the GoEuro website usually connects you to the third-party travel site, whether it’s a bus company, airline or rail service, so you can book directly with the provider. (Some bookings are made through GoEuro.)

photo (2) To get from London to Liverpool, GoEuro shows all the options: trains, buses and flights. Photo: GoEuro

If you’re using the mobile app, it’s a little trickier -- the app essentially opens the third-party Web page within the app, and it’s not usually optimized for mobile. This can make in-app booking more difficult: The print is tiny and difficult to navigate in many cases. You’re probably better off going to the mobile booking site of whatever transportation company you choose directly -- but that requires a bit more work because you’ll have to search for the itinerary suggested by GoEuro.

Verdict: Use the GoEuro website before you leave for your trip, but be sure to download the free app for easy reference on the road. It’s especially handy if you’re the kind of traveler who wants to be flexible about your itinerary on the go. Booking the actual trip isn’t always a simple matter of a few clicks, but the app is free and offers an excellent, speedy way to compare transporation options on the go.