ASUS has made an over the air update for Ice Cream Sandwich ready for the Eee Pad Transformer Feb. 24, but 3G-enabled models will have to wait. The update is for the Wi-Fi models, and Transformer owners in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the UK all should have access to the new Google Android system. Asus now has two tablets running the new system, and the Motorola Xoom is still the only other tablet out there running the 4.0 update. As to why Asus is the lucky company to be getting the updates so soon before so many others, it's hard to say.

One thing is for sure, Asus is taking over the Android tablet market (Kindle Fire's customized version, notwithstanding), and the fact the Transformer and Transformer Prime both have ICS is proof. At the Mobile World Congress starting Feb. 26, Asus is expected to release several high profile tablets, and all of them should be running Android 4.0. Those devices might not be ready to go on sale right away, but the timing of the Transformer update is perfect for Asus.

ICS brings new screen transition animations to the Transformer, new browser features, Roboto, a digitally-optimized new text font, home screen folders and resizable widgets. If you're looking to buy a new tablet, this update makes the Transformer even more appealing. That's because it's the best $400 10-inch tablet out there. It features a 1280x800p resolutio LCD display, 16 gigabytes of storage, a full gigabyte of memory, dual cameras, microSD card slot, mini-HDMI port and a dual-core processor. Additionally, there's a keyboard dock available that connects to the tablet via a 40-pin connector port. It's $150, but it adds the keyboard, trackpad, double the battery life, two full-size USB ports and SD card reader. It's no wonder Stuff magazine gave it their gadget of the year award in 2011. To get the update on your Transformer, hit the check update button and tell us what you think in the comments section.  

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