An Idaho sheriff’s office is using Facebook to reunite a bag of drugs with its owner.

A bag of methamphetamine fell off of a motorcyclist speeding on an Ada County road last week. According to authorities, two witnesses saw something drop from the speeding cyclist and went to investigate the object. The cyclist was traveling close to 80 mph, say police. 

Inside the black plastic pouch, the witnesses discovered a bag "full of white powder." They then turned the bag, which turned out to be full of drugs, over to the sheriff’s office.

In a commendable attempt to nab the drugs’ owner, authorities took to Facebook and posted about the peculiar find.

"If you were driving a motorcycle on Amity Road on Friday morning and mistakenly lost almost three ounces of methamphetamine, we found it -- and we'd like to meet you," wrote Patrick Orr, spokesman for the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Orr, no one has yet claimed the drugs.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office put up the post on Tuesday. But a police spokesman says no one has yet claimed the drugs.