The identities of five of the six climbers presumed dead from a climbing accident on Mount Rainier in Washington state have been revealed, according to media reports.

Seattle-based Alpine Ascents International, a mountaineering company that led the climb, identified two of its guides as Matthew Hegeman, 38, and Eitan Green, 28, on Monday. The company reportedly did not reveal the name of the other climbers but family members released details about three climbers, while one is yet to be identified. According to reports, the six climbers are believed to have fallen thousands of feet while attempting to scale the 14,410- foot peak, and are presumed dead.

"The mountain is so inaccessible and can be inhospitable. We can't always retrieve everybody who is lost there, unfortunately," Patti Wold, a spokeswoman with Mount Rainier National Park, told Associated Press.

Of the three climbers who were identified, one was a former Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) program manager and another was vice president of Intel Corporation’s (NASDAQ:INTC) Southeast Asia operations, while the third climber was a 26-year-old quality-assurance analyst for a technology company.

"Intel is greatly saddened to confirm that Intel Vice President Uday Marty is among the six mountain climbers missing and presumed dead following a fall on Mount Rainier," the company reportedly said, in a statement. "We are providing support in this difficult time to Uday's wife and other members of his family."

The wife of John Mullally, the climber who reportedly worked for more than 20 years with Microsoft, told The Seattle Times in a statement: “John was an amazing husband, father, friend, mountaineer, and all around human being.”

"John lived to climb mountains, and had his first summit of Mount Rainier in his early 20s. Although my heart is broken, I find peace in the knowledge that he died doing what he loved."

Mark Mahaney, the 26-year-old analyst, was from St. Paul, Minn., and his passion for climbing reportedly led him to his second attempt on Mount Rainier.

The six climbers left for a five-day trip on May 26 and were expected to return Friday. Officials reportedly said that the last contact with the climbers was made on Wednesday.