American Idol contestant Michael Lynche was disqualified from the top 24 semifinalists after his father broke a confidentially agreement, according to reports Monday.

Lynche's father Marque Sr. confirmed to the St. Petersburg Times that his son had made it to the top 24. American  Idol rules require the singers and their families to not speak about the Hollywood week results until they're broadcast.

Lynche, also known as Big Mike  was reportedly one of the favorites for Idol's next season.

Idol spoiler site Joe's Place also says Lynche was among the top 24 semifinalists but was replaced over the weekend by top 50 contestant  Antwan Michael.

Michael was going to be the second member of his family to had qualified for the show. In 2004 his brother Marque Lynche Jr. made Idol's semifinals but was cut before the final 12.