Church members found a newborn baby girl in a shopping bag outside of Gospel Presbyterian Church in the town of Schaumburg, Ill.

The incident, remniscent of Moses floating in a basket of reeds, was first reported by the Chicago Tribune.

After Sunday services, a member of the church saw a teddy bear inside the green, reusable shopping bag, on top of the trunk of his car. He brought the bag inside the church, where it sat for at least 30 mins. After someone heard faint murmurs, Bob Song, a church elder, removed the stuffed animal and saw the baby wrapped in an organge bath towel. It was a baby, Song told the Tribune. The baby girl opened her eyes and looked at us. She's a really pretty girl.

The girl, who is around seven pounds and of Asian descent, appears healthy, according to police. Hospital officials said she didn't appear to be born in a hospital and when she was discovered, her umbilical cord was still attached. State welfare officials will take custody of the baby.

Schaumburg is in Cook County, one of the most populous areas in the country, in the northeast corner of Illinois, near Lake Michigan.