A 76-year-old Indiana assistant scoutmaster has died after being stabbed in the neck.

Arthur Anderson was with a Kokomo Boy Scout troop on a hike when he was allegedly stabbed by Shane Golitko, 22, Reuters reported.

Golitko allegedly attacked his mother and killed a dog before going off to stab Anderson, ABC News reported. He took a knife before he left his mother's house and used it to stab the older man.

Anderson was on the ground bleeding profusely from his neck, according to a police report, ABC News reported. He died at the scene.

Golitko is being held at the Miami County Jail on a murder charge, as well as one felony battery charge for attacking his mother and a felony charge for spitting at officers while being booked in jail, according to police, Reuters reported.

Anderson was involved with the Boy Scouts for more than 50 years, police said.

Indiana State Police spokesperson Tony Slocum called the attack a random and senseless crime.

They had no contact with each other, other than Mr. Anderson being at the wrong place at the wrong time, Slocum said, ABC News reported, referring to Anderson and Golitko.