An Instagram Android app is now available for free download. Long the envy of non-Apple-iPhone users, as of Tuesday the mega-popular image processor is available in the Android Market, which is now called the Google Play store.

Now Android phone-owners can add fun filters, ecclectic effects and twisted tweaks to their favorite images, all on the go, much as the Apple iOS-loving counterparts have been doing for what seems like ages.

To get the free app, simply visit this link on your Android smartphone, and download away.

Most Apple fans responded to the move to add the Instagram app to Android with a that's weird, I thought everyone had Instagram, while Android fans reacted to by feverishly searching the Google Play store to ensure they have it before their next awkardly-lit, chin-tripling image goes up on Facebook.

The Instagram Android app works with works with versions of OS 2.2 and higher that support OpenGL ES 2, according to PC World. So some older phones will not be able to run the Instagram Android app.

The Instagram Android app has some very simple aspects, such as the photo filter, border and sharing features, while it also has its own social network for more advanced users.

But PC World reports that there are some key pieces of the Instagram iPhone app that are missing from the Android version. For instance, it doesn't include Tilt/Shift and Flickr integration, though they are supposedly going to be available at a future date.

So, Android-device-owning amateur photographers, bust out your phones and start downloading, as the Instagram app is finally available for your Android smartphones.