On Tuesday lntel revealed more details regarding its 32nm process technology that will allow the company to build high-performance and, from some point of view, revolutionary processors.

Intel says the foundation of the 32nm process technology is the second generation high-k + metal gate transistor, which has seen its oxide thickness slashed from 1.0nm on 45nm to 0.9nm on the 32nm process, while gate length has also been reduced to 30nm.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced that the company plans to invest $7 billion over the next two years to build advanced manufacturing facilities at three separate locations in the United States to make the 32-nanometer (nm) manufacturing technology.

The company is making its largest-ever investment in a single processing technology in the U.S. to support the move to the next generation.

At Intel, it is deeply embedded in our culture that times of crisis are opportunities, not only to build back, but to build better, Otellini said.