Intel Corporation on Wednesday reveals the forthcoming brand structure for the future microprocessors and technologies that lead to set aside the Centrino brand which was introduced in 2003.

Its Core i3, i5, i7 branding structure simplifies into entry-level, mid-level and high-level respectively.

The new strategy plans from Intel would clear up the confusions for consumers and businesses, according to the company.

This will be an evolutionary process taking place over time, and we acknowledge that multiple brands will be in the market next year including older ones, as we make the transition.

Meanwhile, the chipmaker also said that Centrino will be phased out as a PC brand and will only be used as a name for Wi-Fi and WiMAX products and still be in market on mobile PCs into next year, Calder said.

“We have created a structure that leads with Intel. It seems simple, but we've lost some of this connection and we need to remind people who we are and what we make possible,” explained Bill Calder, a corporate communications manager at Intel.

However, Intel would still continue to produce Celeron and Pentium PCs and including Atom brands netbooks.

In 2010, Core i7 and Core i5 chips will start to include Intel’s vPro security and management technology used by businesses.