International Space Station Astronaut Andre Kuipers Takes Vivid Photos of Earth [PHOTOS]

on March 30 2012 3:18 PM
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Aboard the International Space Station, Dutch astronaut André Kuipers has taken some amazingly detailed photos of the Earth using a handheld Nikon D2Xs digital SLR camera.

The amatuer photographer captures some beautiful shots of our planet, and has an eye for interesting patterns that can only be seen from afar.
Take a look at some of his shots. You can also see more on his Flickr photostream.

Sand Traces

Traces of sand from the Sahara desert in the Atlantic Ocean. Flickr/ESA/NASA


Comet Lovejoy shoots across the horizon. Flickr/ESA/NASA

White Sands

White Sands desert in New Mexico. Flickr/ESA/NASA


A meteor crater in Canada. Flickr/ESA/NASA


The sun reflects off a river in Brazil. Flickr/ESA/NASA

Mt. Etna

Mt.Etna is an active volcano in Sicily. Flickr/ESA/NASA

Southern Lights

The Southern Lights between Antarctica and Australia. Flickr/ESA/NASA

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