On January 9, Microsoft had previously released a patch via Windows comprehensive update for Internet Explorer 8 for the beta operating systems that aimed at plugging numerous compatibility and reliability holes in Internet Explorer 8.

We found that approximately 10 percent of customers who had downloaded the Windows 7 Beta had experienced some type of reliability problem in IE, said Herman Ng, a program manager on the IE8 team, in a blog.

We use the term -reliability- to broadly encompass all types of stability problems including crashes, hangs, memory leaks Ng added.

The update patches stability problems that include crashes, hangs and also fixes glitches in PDF file printing and includes a change that improves cookie management.

Ng said that a small number of users were experiencing crashes on a more regular basis and that about 1.5 percent of all Internet Explorer sessions had encountered a crash.

The giant software is now working with its third-party partners to address many issues such as memory lost on Windows 7 Beta caused by IE and third-party components like Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat and others, either by working around the problem inside IE.

Microsoft said it would ship the final version of IE8 sometime this year, a specific release date for Windows 7 is not yet available.