Once Apple unveils the new iPad March 7, we'll know for sure if it's an iPad 3 or and iPad 2S, but what's the difference in how they name their devices? An iPad 3 would mean a new body design like when the iPhone 4 came out. It was a different shape than the iPhone 3GS, with less curved edges and with an all new glass back panel. An iPad 2S would mean the same basic outer body design as the iPad 2, with some hardware and software changes on the inside. It is rumored the new iPad will be a bit thicker, possibly due in part to a new larger battery and 4G LTE antenna. But, the overall shape is the same, with the same size display, home button in the same place, and cameras and sensors all right were people would expect them.

Furthermore, by designating the new iPad a 2S instead of a three, when the next iPad version comes out, it would be the iPad 4. What's really important, however, is what the new iPad will actually be able to do when it goes on sale, possibly around March 14. When the iPad 2 came out, it went on sale a week after it was unveiled, so Apple will likely stick to that schedule. Another surprise waiting could be a higher price than the traditional $500 for the 16 gigabyte Wi-Fi version. It's rumored to cost up to $70 more over iPad 2 at launch, but if does come with 4G, an improved display and Siri voice recognition, it could be worth it.

Apple sent out invitations to a press conference at the end of February. The March 7 event in San Francisco will be the unveiling of the awaited new iPad, but there are other rumors there could be a new Apple TV announcement. An updated Apple TV could feature wireless streaming of 1080p video and even bluetooth 4.0 support. Tell us in the comments if you're planning to camp out when the iPad goes on sale or if you're going to tune in March 7 for the launch.

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