iPhone 4S makes a better gift than Droid Razr because it is $100 less, has better resolution, and includes Siri the voice recognition software that can send your messages and texts just by hearing your voice. Whether or not you consider that function to be a critical part of your buying decision is a different matter. But, buying a $200-$300 piece of technology should be fun, right?

Perhaps you'll love Siri or you might think she's overrated, but what you'll love about the iPhone 4S is its brilliant camera, solid construction and of course, the apps. That is not to say the Droid Razr is a push over because it's super thin, super fast and should get the Android 4.0 update very soon. Six months from now, maybe the price will drop, but for $300 on contract, it just can't compare to the iPhone.

Droid Razr does have a larger screen, and a thinner profile than iPhone, but many of the other features are similar to iPhone. Neither of the devices have batteries that can be removed, and they both have 16 gigabytes of on board storage (the 32 and 64GB iPhone 4Sversions are $300 and $400 respectively).

Additionally, both phones have eight megapixel cameras, dual-core processors and 1080p video capture. That makes iPhone 4S the better deal, but to be fair, you should know Droid Razr has more memory and is 4G-enabled. So if you just look at the hardware, iPhone 4S looks like you get similar features plus Siri for $100 less than the Razr.

Looking at the software on these two phones is more involved. They run different systems, so they don't compare as well. Obviously, you can browse the Web and send email and texts with both devices, but the interface you work with on either device is different, as are the app ecosystems. iPhone 4S has access to more apps than Droid Razr, but the Android system is more customizable. Like many choices in the consumer tech world, it comes down to what you want you want to do with your phone and how you plan to use it.

The iPhone wins this battle, but you should still go down to a Verizon store and get your hands on the devices before you decide. Tell us in the comments if you played around with either of these phones at the store and what you thought of it.