Siri, Voice Assistant app has been getting a lot of press since the announcement of the iPhone 4S. It is completely integrated into the iPhone and has some great functionality and funny responses. Honestly it's one of the best new features on the iPhone 4S.

Though Siri is great it probably won't make anyone switch to an iPhone outright, and there are plenty of great Android alternatives to Siri. Voice control apps have been in development for years with some companies making real strides in voice recognition. Here are some popular alternatives to Siri available on the Android Market.


Vlingo is a voice assistant app that has similar functionality to Siri. You can use it to text, make calls, search for restaurants, and update Facebook among other functionality. New features include an InCar shortcut, a new web search button and an optimized performance for phone with slower networks. One of the best parts is that Vlingo is free.

Voice Actions Plus

Voice Actions Plus is another powerful voice control app. It lets you voice dial contacts, set the alarm and translate text. New features let you control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, check the weather and draw by voice. It costs $3 with a free version available. The paid version is faster, more stable and more accurate.


Edwin is another free voice control app described as a Speech-to-speech voice assistant. In its new 0.5 version it can convert units, do math, search Wolfram Alpha, and find map directions. It's from Neureau, the same company that is responsible for Siri's voice recognition software. Though it powerful it is still a work in progress, so expect a few bugs and some more functionality on the way.


EVA is a voice app that takes natural sounding voice commands. Shake the Android to activate EVA to make calls, surf the web or start an application. It features a female voice and users can buy EVAN if they want a more masculine voice. The app is pretty pricy at $9, but there is always the free EVA Intern.

Voice Search

A simple voice command app from Google themselves. Voice search lets users surf the web, search their phone, call contacts and get directions. It's free and a pretty nimble voice control since it comes from Google.