The iPhone with its Wi-Fi only variant and the iPod Touch is currently the most used mobile browser for Internet access in the U.S. followed by the Symbian Operating System used in Nokia devices, according to a report from Irish researcher StatCounter.

A report from StatCounter showed that the iPhone and iPod Touch accounted for 0.23 percent of U.S. Web traffic, while the Symbian-based Nokia devices settled in the second place.

Globally, Nokia leads the Web traffic with 0.25 percent and the iPhone and iPod Touch comes second with 0.08 percent, according to StatCounter but another researcher, Net Applications puts the iPhone and iPod Touch in the top position with 0.19 percent of global Web traffic compared with 0.06 percent for all Windows Mobile devices but the firm doesn't count the Nokia platform traffic.

The success of iPhone is attributed to the fact that it provides a unified, full browser experience.

Windows Mobile has separate PDA and Smartphone versions and its browser doesn't support full HTML.

Apple joined the mobile browser market with its own hardware that provides a platform on which both regular and rich Internet applications can run.