After the iPhone 5 debuted last month, new accessories are being released to further improve the latest Apple gadget. In a step toward advancing the smartphone’s mobile gaming capabilities, among other things, the Sensus iPhone case makes the back of the gadget touch sensitive.

Canopy, the company behind the Sensus case, says on that it thinks a case for the iPhone 5, 4s and 4 models should be as much of a want as it is a need for consumers. The device let’s users play games without smudging their screen and allows for more complex game controls.

"The sensors can handle up to ten independent responses," marketing coordinator Ian Spinelli says in an article by Joystiq. The functionality adds to the iPhone screen’s six existing independent responses.

The back of the smart case, as well as the right edge have capacitive sensors that will allow users to grasp their iPhone without unintentionally setting off a sensor command. The various trigger points for the sensor would also add the possibility of multiplayer, though the small size of the Apple device might be discouraging for local multiplayer.

Gizmodo notes that though some people might not see the point in having a touch sensitive back on an iPhone, the smart case will come in handy for mobile gamers. When users work with the touch screen, their fingers get in the way of what is going on in the game, and can affect their performance.

The protective gaming case isn’t yet on the market, though preorder notifications are available on the product’s information page.  The "Sensus" case costs about $59 and is expected to begin shipping in the first quarter for the iPhone 4s and 4 models -- a release date for an iPhone 5 Sensus case has not yet been listed.