Season 1 of “Jane The Virgin” ended in dramatic fashion. Jane gave birth to her son Mateo, who was kidnapped by Sin Rostro less than a day after he was born. Showrunner Jennie Urman revealed in a post-mortem interview that despite the shock of the kidnapping, Jane will get her baby back quickly. She also said Season 2 won’t revolve around the incident.


“Jane will be able to laugh once she gets the baby back,” Urman declared in the interview with the Hollywood Reporter. “Jane the Virgin” is a comedy, after all. Despite having its roots in the telenovela, the series is primarily a comedy. Urman told the Hollywood Reporter the kidnapping was needed to close out the season in dramatic fashion. But Jane will get her baby back pretty quickly in Season 2.

With the series going off the air from May until October, Urman explained that it was necessary to give the audience something to come back for. However shocking it may be, the baby’s kidnapping won’t be what she calls the “engine” of Season 2.

The kidnapping was put in place because it affects so many of the main characters all at once. Upon the baby's return, other events will be set in motion for the main characters, and this is where Season 2 will become more interesting.

Jane is now a mother, and that changes matters for her drastically. Due to the kidnapping, Jane will inevitably become overprotective of young Mateo. Her nerves will be amplified and she will have to deal with balancing her own life with the responsibilities of being a mother. Her relationship with Rafael will also be affected. The baby’s safety while in Rafael’s custody has always been an issue and it will be even more so after the kidnapping.

The three Villanueva women will also be dealing with some problems. Their different parenting styles are sure to clash under one roof. Of course, Rogelio as a grandfather will also be an interesting character development.

The show’s big bad villain, Sin Rostro, was also brought back into relevance through the kidnapping. Season 2 will reveal her motive behind taking the child. Urman said Sin Rostro wants the baby so she could use him as leverage. She wants to trade him for something that she needs.

In another interview, Urman told Deadline that the show's ending will be drastically different from "Juana La Virgen," the show from which it is based. She says they are going at a much faster pace than the original. Jane and Rafael had their baby at the end of the first season while the original characters in "Juana La Virgen" had theirs at the series finale. 

“Jane The Virgin” returns for Season 2 in October. The series airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on the CW.