Almost a week after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck off the coast of Sendai, Japanese emergence personnel and citizens are still working through the wreckages to salvage, recover, and eventually rebuild what was lost.

This natural disaster has been extremely destructive.  Casualties are expected to be at least 10,000.  Many who were fortunate enough to survive had their homes and possessions wrecked by the tsunami.   Factories were damaged and halted production, infrastructures like highways were damaged, and nuclear power plants have been shut down.

Out of this tragedy, heartwarming and inspiring stories have also emerged. There is the story of two dogs who became unlikely survivors of the tsunami.   At the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, 50 workers - dubbed the Fukushima 50 -- have stayed behind to work to prevent a nuclear meltdown.   By doing so, they are exposing themselves to dangerous amounts of radiation.

The following are photos of the wreckages of Japan's earthquake and the Japanese people who are left behind by it.  Click Start to view them.