Jaycee Lee Dugard's daughters did not seem wolves or jungle kids like media portrays them, instead seemed polite and well-mannered, Cheyvonne Molino a woman who knew them, told CNN which obtained and published pictures of them on Monday.

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Dugard, 29 who was kidnapped at age 11 gave birth to the girls during her 18 year capture. Her abductor, Phillip Garrido fathered the daughters, known as Angel, 11 and Starlet, 15. They lived in tents and sheds in a secret backyard inside Garrido's property in Antioch, California, and they never attended school neither were they checked by a doctor, local police said.

The daughters were ultimately the key to uncover Garrido's crime after two policewomen questioned Garrido and the girls at UC Berkeley when he was seeking permission to hold a religious meeting in the campus.

The policewomen noticed a suspicious relationship between the girls and Garrido and looking into his background found out he was a registered sex offender. This later lead to his confession that he kidnapped Dugard in 1991.

Garrido is been accused of rape and kidnapping and Dugard and the two girls are with their family.