Jaycee Lee Dugard,29, reunited with her mother, sister and another relative on Thursday after her family had struggled 18 years without knowing if they would see her alive again.

Jaycee Lee Dugard surprisingly looks very young still, not very different from when she was kidnapped at age 11 outside her house in South Lake Tahoe in California in 1991, her stepfather Carl Probyn told ABC in an interview Friday morning. 

Dugard is also very healthy, Probyn said. Probyn who witnessed his stepdaughters kidnapping, had not meet her at the time of the interview but he had spoken with Jaycee's mother Thursday night after the reunion.

What a miracle this was after 18 years, Probyn told ABC's Good Morning America today. I had no idea after this long that we'd find her alive. I mean, this is definitely a one-of-a-kind situation. And then she's healthy and, you know, just unbelievable.  Probyn also said Jaycee felt guilty of bonding with her captor, Phillip Garrido, 58. 

Jaycee's family felt troubled by learning the conditions in which she was forced to live during these years, including the way she gave birth to her two daughters, now 11 and 15 years old with her captor.

Garrido, a convicted rapist, is now under arrest on various kidnapping and sex charges along with his wife Nancy Garrido, 54. He claims the kidnapping story is heartbreaking at the end and tells people it will be impressive. Garrido has blogs in which he claims he can speak in angel tongues and has a supernatural ability to control sound with his mind.

Probyn said he finds Garrido sick and hopes the Garrido's be prosecuted to the hilt, the New York Times reported.