“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans tried to clean away evidence that she attacked co-star Chelsea Houska. The only problem is that that she’s an MTV reality star with 1.2 million followers, so even though she deleted the tweets, screenshots of the messages ensure the posts will remain on the internet.

Evans, 24, first threw shade at Houska when the Season 7 trailer debuted. While MTV showed all the negativity in Evans’ life, they made Houska look like “the golden child as usual,” she told Radar Online last week.

Her animosity toward Houska, 24, did not subside when the South Dakota native announced she was launching her own website. “Look what is coming soon! chelseahouska.com,” she wrote to her 2.9 million Instagram followers Monday. The post was liked nearly 30,000 times and garnered hundreds of comments.


Look what is coming soon! _ chelseahouska.com

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Evans, who recently launched a website of her own, clapped back. “Monkey see, monkey do ... Unreal,” she tweeted. Though it’s been deleted, a screenshot of her post is preserved.

While Evans’ message lacks context and could be aimed at anyone or anything, co-star Kailyn Lowry noted the jab was aimed at Houska. “I’ve had a website for years, does this mean you copied me? #getoveryourself,” Lowry wrote to Evans. Lowry added: “They say imitation is the best form of flattery ... It’s also flattering when someone thinks you’re copying them. Sorry babe, but no.” That tweet still remains. 

It’s not just the website that bothered Evans. She is annoyed Houska is creating a skincare line, just like she is, Radar Online reported Wednesday. “Chelsea had contacted one of Jenelle’s publicist’s clients and it made Jenelle mad,” the source said. “She voiced her opinion, and then she was attacked by Chelsea’s fans and fans of the show.”

But Houska maintains she didn’t get the idea from her cast mate. “I’m a licensed esthetician. I’ve been planning on a skincare line since I was in school. You’re not that original,” she wrote to Evans’ publicist, Johnny Donovan.

It all boils down to jealousy. While the publication’s source claimed Houska and Lowry are jealous of Evans, it might be the other way around. Houska is engaged to Cole DeBoer and is planning a wedding. Lowry is married to Javi Marroquin, the father of her second child, and owns a home with him in Delaware. Evans, on the other hand, is not with either of her sons’ fathers, is fighting a custody battle with her mother, Barbara Evans, and has pending assault charges from an incident with her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, Jessica Henry.

“Teen Mom 2” Season 7 premieres Monday, March 21, at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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