The trailer for the latest Judd Apatow venture 'WanderLust', starring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd has arrived! Directed by David Wain (Role Models), the film also stars Malin Akerman, Alan Alda, and Aniston's current boyfriend, Justin Theroux. It follows an overworked couple longing to be free from the pressures of Manhattan life. When George (Rudd) is laid off from his job, Linda (Aniston) agrees to move to Atlanta with him. Though this means living with George's horrendous brother, they have exhausted all other options and bitterly anticipate moving in with him.

On the drive there, they find themselves in a town called Elysium, which serves as a striking contrast to the Big Apple. During their stay, they encounter offbeat hippies, socially inept women, and ridiculously strong drugs. The peaceful community values only what's important in life and it's colorful residents offer the couple new-found wisdom.

WanderLust opens on February 24th. Watch the R-Rated trailer below.

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