Jennifer Lawrence: the beauty of a Hollywood icon, the grace of a trucker and nonetheless endearing to many. The “American Hustle” starlet appeared on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild awards wearing (surprise) Christian Dior. While her choice in fashion designer might not have been a shocker, what came out of her mouth definitely incited some dropped jaws and a few eye rolls.

The Oscar-winner was describing her dress to E! News host Giuliana Rancic and uttered a term that has never been heard on the red carpet before: “armpit vagina.” The “Hunger Games” superstar was describing the way her tight dress affected her body -- it apparently made the skin near her armpit bulge.

According to, the phrase began to float around the Internet in 2008, but J-Law can get credit for the word since her mention of it is the first many have heard. There’s a viral Vine clip that shows Lawrence grabbing her practically invisible fat and the mixed look of horror and disgust running across Rancic’s face.

“I know I have arm pit fat, it's OK ... it's armpit vaginas,” the 23-year-old said when the host complimented her rainbow sequined dress. Lawrence even told CNN that her gown was “squeezing her breasts into her armpits.”

The Daily Mail pointed out that even though she lost the SAG award for Best Supporting Actress to “12 Years A Slave” star Lupito Nyong’o, there’s no rivalry. In fact, the ever-fascinating Lawrence got excited when she saw the Kenyan beauty on the red carpet. While she didn’t win in that category, Lawrence picked up a SAG for Best Ensemble along with her cast mates in “American Hustle.” She seemed to be in good spirits throughout the night and was photographed making a bunch of goofy faces after the awards.

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