The secret to Jennifer Lopez’s great body is her healthy lifestyle. But the singer and actress said that she allows herself an occasional treat. “I'll indulge in dessert. I'll eat cookies, but I'll have one or two and I'm fine.” She said that she doesn’t go overboard with it. The 45-year-old pop diva graces the cover of Us Weekly’s annual Best Bodies issue.

The “American Idol” judge sizzled in a series of sexy swimsuits during the photo shoot for the cover of the annual issue. In the cover, she is pictured in a black cutout swimsuit that shows off lots of skin. The “Booty” singer is then seen in a pastel color lace swimsuit, a white two-piece, and another black piece. 

Jennifer said that she feels she is in better shape now. She does five-a-week, hourlong dance sessions with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, in addition to watching what she eats. Her healthy lifestyle extends to her 7-year-old twins, too. Lopez told that she tries to teach them the right things to eat like a lot of greens, fruits and grains.

The “Boy Next Door” actress said that from childhood, she was told that nothing was wrong with her body. And of course, she learned to appreciate who she was. She said that she was not a 6-foot-tall model or a size 2, but she has always tried to focus on herself and be her best self.

The singer, who is known for her derrière, recounted that when she came to Hollywood, she just kept her focus on being herself, which changed a lot of people’s thinking. Jennifer said that this year there has been a shift of focus to being womanly, not being skinny or starving. The singer recently started a new lifestyle venture, BodyLab, and kicked off a BodyLab “Be the Girl” challenge to help women reach their health and fitness goals. She said that almost 100,000 people have signed up for it.

Lopez is focusing on herself in other ways, too. Since splitting from longtime love Casper Smart in June 2014, the singer is enjoying life on her own. She jokingly said that when someone is single, you don’t have to answer anyone. But she said that she never goes wild.

Lopez will judge “American Idol’s” last and Season 15 next year, besides she also has clothing range out at Kohl’s and is soon set to shoot her new TV series “Shades Of Blue”. Next year, JLo will headline her own Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood and has already committed to 40 shows. The “US Weekly Best Bodies” issue hit the newsstands Friday.