Microsoft‘s (MSFT) Windows Phone 8 got a new celebrity endorser when Jessica Alba proclaimed that she uses a Windows phone, Barrons reported on Monday.

Microsoft “decided not to use that tired old metaphor” of a grid of app icons, Joe Belfiore said at the event. “Our way is to put people at the center of that experience. You actually can maintain a better relationship with people because you can maintain a sense of what they’re up to in the moment. ”

Apple first introduced the grid app icons with iOS and Google essentially copied them with Android.

Belfiore revealed that Microsoft wants to “reinvent what the app experience is like,” and explained that Windows Phone will be the only system that has "live apps."

“What’s really different here is our data sense feature actually helps you use less data,” he said about the phone. 

Jessica Alba soon appeared on the stage and she began to talk about how much she loved the phone.

The actress said at the event:

“It’s locked away, so your kid is not going into your stuff and doing what they do best [...] create chaos.”

Her daughter once got into her phone and tweeted to the Hollywood stars 4 million Twitter followers.

She said that her favorite part of the Windows Phone “from my work that I do to the music I like, it’s all, you know, right there … and I’m obsessed with the camera.”

Even though Alba used to have an iPhone she explained that it's "really easy" to switch.

“This is, like, the best tech crowd I’ve ever been in front of,” said Alba. “This is so cool. Okay, I guess that’s my cue to leave.”