Bobby Petrino's affair with mistress Jessica Dorrell not only cost him his job, it cost his millions of dollars.

Petrino won't be paid any of the remaining $18 million left on his contract because Arkansas fired the coach with cause. Petrino has decided not to appeal and try to recoup the money that was owed to him.

While Petrino was simply let go, Jessica Dorrell is still being paid by the university. The Associated Press is reporting that Petrino's former mistress has been placed on paid leave by the school, instead of being outright fired.

Dorrell was hired by Petrino just four days before the coach's motorcycle accident. She was hired to be the football team's student-athlete development coordinator, a job that pays her $55,735 a year.

The news that Dorrell is still receiving a paycheck comes as somewhat of a surprise. Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long said Petrino abused his power by hiring someone with whom he had a relationship.

Dorrell was hired over 158 other applicants for the position.

It's not exactly certain how long Petrino and Dorrell's relationship lasted, but it most likely went on for at least seven months. Phone records show that Petrino and Dorrell have been in contact since as early as Sept. 2011.