JibJab's Elf Yourself holiday greeting e-card has proven itself to be an insurmountable (and hilarious) Christmastime staple.

The site features the personalized, animated card each year, complete with dancing elves. Not only are these elves festive and fun, but they bare the faces of your friends and family. JibJab allows you to customize the cards by uploading a photo or using ones already on Facebook.

Click here to make your own Elf Yourself card now. This year, the greeting features elves dressed in yellow and red singing Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree doing all sorts of holiday activities like baking, caroling and cutting paper angels.

So far, over 193 million elves have been made. JibJab is a digital entertainment company based in California. Its animations have been instant hits, from the 2004 This Land featuring George W. Bush and John Kerry to the yearly Christmas ditties. In 2007, JibJab first introduced the option to put photographs of faces into the animated e-cards.

How exactly does JibJab make the customized elves?

Each year, the company has dancers go to a studio complete with a green screen to film the movies. The dancers shake their stuff for the cameras and JibJab has itself a new Christmas greeting.

Go elf yourself today!

Another video to check out by JibJab is the newly released 2011, Buh-Bye! featuring highlights of the year, including Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and Herman Cain. You can watch this below.