Seventy-three-year-old identical twins, Joan and Patricia Miller were found dead in their South Lake Tahoe, California home last week. The Miller twins had been TV entertainers in the 1950's, singing and dancing on The Hoffman Hayride and for the likes of Bing Crosby.

Last week both were found dead in their four-bedroom home. According to USA Today, one was found in a downstairs bedroom, and the other was discovered right outside in the hallway. Detective Matt Harwood of the El Dorado County sheriff's office told the news source that it was like the two could not live without each other.

The identical pair never got married, never had children and didn't own any pets. Practically attached at the hips, the Miller sisters lived together in their California home where according to the Los Angeles Times, they became recluses.

My perception is one died and the other couldn't handle it, said Harwood. It appears purely natural, but we are still trying to piece it all together. While the identical twins double-death is odd, Fox reports that there was no sign of a trouble. No blood was found, no signs of mental or physical illness existed, and no persistent health troubles were indicated.

Due to their isolation, the Los Angeles Times suspects that the twins had been dead for several weeks before their bodies were found last week. The women were only discovered after neighbors requested that police do a routine check on the house. When the twins didn't respond to the door during one of these routine checks on Feb. 25, the police pushed their way in the next day, discovering the bodies.

Their seclusion also seems to be causing a problem for cops, who are having a difficult time discovering the next of kin for the Miller sisters. Neighbors, who rarely saw Joan and Patricia, knew very little about their lives due to their mysterious demeanors. However, one postcard sent to police says that the only relatives the Miller's had were their mother and brother, who have both been dead for years.

All they had was each other, and that's the way they wanted it, said Harwood. But the detective isn't ready to give up on their family. I think they need to have some family know that they're gone. I think they deserve that.