Female serial killer Joanna Dennehy admitted to killing three men before she dumped their bodies in ditches, the Telegraph of London reported Monday. She said she took the lives of Kevin Lee, 48, Lukasz Slaboszewski, 31, and John Chapman, 56, all of whom were found dead of numerous stab wounds in March.

Lee’s body was found in a ditch in Newborough, Cambridgeshire, England on March 30. Her other two victims were discovered in Thorney Dyke, a short distance away from Newborough, the Telegraph said. Slaboszweski was stabbed in the heart between March 19 and 29. Police said Chapman and Lee were both believed to have been killed on March 29, stabbed in the chest.

The 30-year-old killer added that she attempted to murder two other men: John Rogers and Robin Bereza. Her confessions reportedly her own lawyer, Nigel Lickley. "The course is not one I had anticipated. We ask for more time given what has just occurred,” the Telegraph quoted the attorney. The two attempted murders reportedly took place on April 2.

When Dennehy was in court she did not want to talk to anyone anymore. "I have pleaded guilty and that's it,” she reportedly said. Aside from the murders, she also admitted to three counts of preventing the lawful burial of the murder victims.

She also did not want her lawyers to be given any more time to have her take back her guilty plea. According to the Telegraph she said: "I'm not coming back down here again just to say the same stuff. It's a long way to come to say the same thing I have just said.'

The paper added that her partner Gary Stretch, 47, an apparent suspect in the case, denied helping Dennehy in the attempted murders and the disposal of the bodies. He also happens to be one of Britain’s tallest men, standing at 7 feet, 3 inches tall.

Robert Moore, 55, and Leslie Layton, 47, also denied any involvement in the murders. They were accused of harboring Stretch and Dennehy when police were searching for them. Their trial is set to start in January.