A tearful Jodi Arias described the night she killed her ex-lover Travis Alexander when she took the stand Wednesday in a Phoenix courtroom, the Daily Mail reported. 

In her most dramatic testimony yet, Arias maintained that she didn’t mean to shoot Alexander on June 4, 2008. He was chasing her and she just wanted him to stop, and that’s when the gun went off, she said.

The 32-year-old defendant told the jury they had been taking nude photos of each other earlier in the night, "having fun" and deleting some of the silly ones as they went along.

Eventually they decided Alexander would go into the shower for a visual effect, but that’s when the night took a grave turn.  

Alexander, a professional photographer, became upset when she accidentally dropped his camera. This prompted him to scream, chase and threaten her, she said in court on Wednesday.

“I pointed it [the gun] at him with both of my hands. I thought that would stop him, if someone pointed a gun at me it would stop me,” Arias tearfully explained to the jury.

“The gun went off I didn’t mean to shoot him or anything I didn’t even think I was on the trigger.

“He lunged at me and we fell really hard against the tile toward the other wall … so at this point I didn’t even know if he had been shot.

“After the gun went off I thought 'crap' because now he's really going to be pissed because I didn’t know I had shot him.”

Arias testified that she blacked out during many parts of the day and had no memory of stabbing Alexander 27 times with his kitchen knife. She said it was the same knife he had brought to the bedroom earlier because he used it to cut off the rope he tied her wrists with during sex.

“I have a few memories, but nothing is super clear. I have a vague memory of putting the knife in the dishwasher, but I put the knife in the dishwasher before. But I'm pretty sure it was that night,” she said.

“I remember I was in the bathroom. I remember dropping the knife and it clang to the tile, it made a big noise, and I just remember screaming. I don't remember anything after that.”

Arias has been testifying since last week, describing extremely intimate details of her relationship with Alexander and even accusing him of having pedophilic tendencies, telling her she was “so hot” while wearing little boy’s underwear.

She’s painted the victim to be an outwardly religious man with a sexually deviant interior who was manipulative, aggressive and abusive, both physically and mentally.

Though Arias has spent many hours on the stand, Wednesday was the first time she addressed the killing itself.

She elaborated about taking naked pictures that night.

“I'm taking pictures of him, we were trying out different poses. We were kind of laughing…we were checking the photos and deleting them,” she said about the impromptu photo shoot.

“At that point, Travis flipped out again and he stood up and he stepped out of the shower and he picked me up, he was screaming that I was a stupid idiot and he body slammed me against the tile.”

She said she ran into his closet to get away from Alexander. That’s when she remembered that he kept his gun on the top shelf there.

If Arias is convicted of murder, she could face the death penalty.