The graphic “break-up” trial continued in a Phoenix courtroom Wednesday with Jodi Arias taking the stand once more to testify about killing her ex-lover Travis Alexander.

The outcome doesn’t look good for Arias. She’s lied to authorities, family and friends numerous times about the facts surrounding Alexander's death, and even made up a story about masked robbers killing him on June 4, 2008.

During her testimony she accused the victim of being a sexual deviant who physically and mentally abused her, but the prosecution has been so berating Arias during cross-examination that some legal specialists think it’s hindering its own case against the 32-year-old photographer.

This week prosecutor Juan Martinez has barked, screamed, been sarcastic and demanded answers from the accused murderess.

"Martinez is his own worst enemy," Mel McDonald, a prominent Phoenix defense attorney and former judge, told ABC News. "He takes it to the point where it's ad nauseam. You have difficulty recognizing when he's driving the point home because he's always angry and pushy and pacing around the courtroom. He loses the effectiveness, rather than build it up."

"He's like a rabid dog and believes you've got to go to everybody's throat," he said.

"If they convict her and give her death, they do it in spite of Juan, not because of him," McDonald added.

Though Arias maintains she was forced into kinky sex by Alexander, Martinez was trying to get her to say she willingly participated in his erotic fantasies.

The day Alexander died, Arias took nude photos of him in the shower after they had had sex and killed him moments later. If she is convicted of murder she might face the death penalty.

Martinez even bickered with Arias on the stand.

"I want to know what you're talking about," Arias asked the prosecutor at one point.

"No, I'm asking you," he screamed.

Later, he bellowed, "Am I asking you if you're telling the truth?"

"I don't know," Arias said, firing back at him. "Are you?"

Martinez also asked her multiple times during the cross-examination if she had problems with her memory.

"Everyone who takes witness stand for defense is an enemy," McDonald said. "He prides himself on being able to work by rarely referring to his notes, but what he's giving up in that is that there's so much time he wastes on stupid comments. A lot of what I've heard is utterly objectionable."