Convicted murderer Jodi Arias has a strange infatuation with prosecutor Juan Martinez, her cellmate Cassandra Collins told KSAZ-TV in Phoenix. The ex-con told the news site that Arias said if she were sentenced to death, she would have Martinez killed, but in a strange twist, Arias also seemed to have romantic feelings for the lawyer.

“She’s dangerous, very dangerous,” Collins told the local Fox affiliate. “She’s out of her freaking mind.”

The TV channel’s report mentions that Collins has a history of emotional issues, but did not say what she suffered from, why she was behind bars or how much time she even spent with Arias. Her former cellmate, however, truly believes the 33-year-old boyfriend-killer is a threat. “I really think she would try to hurt someone,” Collins said.

“She said that if she was given the death sentence, she wanted to get her revenge,” Collins said. “She knows inmates on the outs to do a Mafia bow tie ... cut his throat.”

On the other hand, Arias was perplexed as to why she couldn’t seduce the deputy Maricopa County attorney. “She asked me questions like ‘why doesn’t Juan Martinez love me?’ And I’m like, love you? He’s your prosecutor, he’s there to prosecute you for a crime,” Collins said.

Jurors were unable to decide whether Arias should get the death penalty for murdering Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008, in his Arizona home. She sliced his throat from ear to ear, shot him in the forehead and stabbed him nearly 30 times. Jurors could not decide if Alexander, her one-time lover, was killed in an "exceptionally cruel" manner.

A date for a new penalty trial has yet to be set, but the judge has ordered cameras banned from the courtroom this time around. The Arias-Alexander case was watched by the nation, as the killer, who first denied any involvement in the slaying, weaved a tale of abuse, manipulation and even accused Alexander of masturbating to pictures of young boys. Arias finally plead self-defense after admitting to the killing.

She seemed to bask in the attention, and has even started a Twitter account through a friend, which is regularly updated. But cameras will not be welcome in the courtroom again, despite the 33-year-old’s early willingness to be open with the public.

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