Accused murderer Jodi Arias was slammed with questions about sex and her memory problems by the prosecution during the 11th day of her testimony in Phoenix Tuesday.

Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez attacked Arias for not being able to remember details of the case less than five minutes after the 48th day of proceedings began.

"Do you have a problem with your memory?" Martinez asked.

The jury has listened to him ask her the same question several times already throughout his cross-examination.  

"I don't think I have a problem," Arias slyly responded.

The 32-year-old photographer is on trial for killing her former lover Travis Alexander inside his Mesa, Ariz., apartment on June 4, 2008. She will face the death penalty if convicted of murder. After lying to authorities several times about the circumstances surrounding Alexander’s death, she eventually came clean and admitted killing her ex-boyfriend -- in self-defense.  

She’s described Alexander as violent and sexually demanding throughout her testimony and even asserted that she caught him masturbating to a picture of a young boy once. The prosecution, however, claims she murdered Alexander in a jealous rage.

The first time Arias’ questionable memory was brought up on Tuesday concerned Bobby Juarez, her high school boyfriend. According to Arias, after going to a library in 1998 to use a computer, she admitted to snooping through Juarez’ Hotmail email account and then confronted him about the messages she found.

"In your personal dealings, you don't waste any time, do you?" Martinez asked.

"No, I'm a procrastinator," Arias replied.

"Are you having problems understanding?" the prosecutor asked of Arias, after she seemed confused by his follow-up questions.

Arias replied: "Sometimes, because you go in circles … You're making my brain scramble."

To clear up any discrepancies, Arias added: "I'm not having a problem telling the truth."

She’s told Martinez that he’s made her brain “scramble” in the past because of the belligerent way he has been questioning her.

Later in the day’s court proceedings, Martinez played a few clips of a 2008 interview with the CBS news show "48 Hours."

Arias said in one of the clips she was "angry and outraged" Alexander had been killed. "I cannot imagine what his family is going through," Arias added.

Martinez also read aloud the message she wrote in the guestbook at Alexander's memorial service. The part of the note read: "Travis, you're beautiful on the inside and out."

Martinez asked: "So you think somebody who masturbates to pictures of little boys is beautiful on in the inside, right?"

"I don’t think that aspect of him is beautiful at all. I think it’s sickening," Arias answered.

"He hated those parts of himself. It's not who he wanted to be ... I believed that he could get better ... I believe he had aspects of himself that are beautiful and ugly, just as I do," she said.