Young adult writer John Green wants his Twitter followers -- and possibly the world -- to know something important: He doesn’t cast movies. Two of his books have been turned into major motion pictures, but once the studios buy the rights to his story, Green doesn’t have much input.

“Okay, I have a kind of important announcement. I don't usually prepare you with pre-announcement tweets, but I think it's warranted here,” he wrote Thursday. “Okay. Are you ready? Here is the announcement: I do not cast movies.”

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Green said no one is telling him what is happening with his own story, let alone him having a hand in who is cast in which role. “In fact, the movie studio that owns the rights to the book in question won’t return my phone calls. They haven’t for months.”

Fans assumed he was talking about “Looking for Alaska,” which is slated for a 2017 release. If he is talking about that book, the studio in question would be Paramount. The rights were bought more than a decade ago. 

During a Reddit chat, he told readers “LFA” was a personal story. “And I have to say that I’m really grateful to Paramount for being so open to my concerns and responding in a way that has made it possible for me to feel genuinely excited about the prospect of a ‘LFA’ movie, even if I am of course still somewhat apprehensive just because the story is so personal to me and I know it also means a lot to many readers,” he said in June, BuzzFeed reported.

His views about “LFA” being turned into a film have changed since the announcement was first made in June. “I am not by nature optimistic, but I think it could be a really great movie,” he said on Tumblr at the time.

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