Hollywood couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expecting their first child together, and before their baby girl’s arrival, Legend is already excited to meet their daughter. 

Legend told Us Weekly, in an interview Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival, that he and his supermodel wife can’t wait for their child's arrival.  “We’re really excited to have our first child. This is a new experience for both of us,” he stated.

“I would have been excited if it was a boy too, but either way I’m excited that we’re going to have someone that is a product of our love,” Legend explained.  “I’m excited to teach her and love her and do all the things that good parents should do.”

The Grammy Award-winning musician also admitted that he has been trying to compose a special song for his daughter.  The “All of Me” crooner shared that he found the process “hard” so far, but was still hopeful that he will finish a song about the things he would like to tell his unborn child.  “Part of me thinks maybe I just have to see her before I can write it, but I’ve been trying to think about what fatherhood means and what I should say to her,” he added.

Meanwhile, Teigen has recently shared some of the maternity fashion tips she received from Kim Kardashian-West, one of them involving the use of stretchy fabrics.  The mother-to-be also mentioned that she has been looking forward to showing off her baby bump, which she described as “beautiful” and a special look that pregnant women should embrace.