The missing owner of the Whisk Bakery Café in Ditmas Park, Joshua Rubin, 30, was found dead in Pennsylvania. The slain man's charred remains  were found in the woods outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania on Nov. 1, though his body wasn't identified until this week.

For the past two months, Brooklyn was covered with papers that had Rubin's picture on them. The flyers included details about where he was seen last. Unfortunately for Rubin's friends and family, the flyers brought no leads.

DNA evidence allowed authorities to conclude that the body found in Pennsylvania was that of Mr. Rubin, according to the New York Times. In the same article, the Times reports that some say Rubin had bipolar disorder and some also say he seemed stress before he disappeared. At the time that the article was published, investigators have not made a connection between Rubin's untimely death and the area in which his body was discovered.

Our working theory is that he was killed somewhere other than where he was discovered, James Martin, Lehigh County, Pa., district attorney told the Times. The Lehigh County coroner, Scott Grim, was equally baffled: This is one of the toughest cases we've investigated over the years.